Cardinal Engineering provides engineering expertise to government and industry customers, developing systems that operate in the world’s oceans. Working with the United States Navy and the Department of Energy, we are helping to achieve critical national missions related to the security and well-being of our homeland.    Our Programs    Our Services    Our Capabilities Brief


  • Provide superior, reliable, innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions
  • Deliver unbiased technical and management expertise – “Honest Broker”
  • Maintain long-term relationships based on excellence and dependability
  • Apply scientific and engineering expertise to programs of national importance

Core Capabilities


Cardinal Engineering has experience in every phase of engineering projects, from concept formulation to deployment and operation.

Latest News

  • April 2015 – LCDR Gunner Sanders (RET) joins Cardinal Engineering’s Power & Energy Group to support the EM Railgun Program.
  • April 2015 – Cardinal Engineering partners with the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) to develop the International Ocean Energy Technology Roadmap for Ocean Energy Systems.
  • February 2015 – Cardinal Engineering is awarded a subcontract by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to lead a team of U.S. industry, academic and government agencies in developing marine energy converter specifications and standards.


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